Katie's experience

I’m openly bisexual, but at the point when I first met the team from Norton Rose Fulbright, I’d only just come out at university.

It was a critical point for me, meeting this law firm who showed me right away that I would be welcomed for my sexuality. At that first careers event, I immediately felt like I could be comfortable here; that I could feel like I was supposed to be here.

Then, on my vacation scheme, I met the Pride committee – and that was that, really. When I joined the firm last March, I actively sought them out and signed up. I went to events, started talking to the committee, and eventually I asked them how I could get more involved. They told me straightaway: if I wanted to be on the committee, then I was on it. People want you to get involved.

There are lots of different events to get involved in across our networks. With the Pride network, there are talks, parties, lunches – all attended by colleagues and clients. We’ve recently run some talks on the ABCs of LGBT, for instance, to help educate and reassure colleagues in how to support each other.

When there are such active allies, you know you’ve got your colleagues’ support. People wear lanyards and have LGBT support placards on their doors. Most people have one or other now and it’s nice to see those shows of solidarity; it’s like a little confidence boost when you least expect it.

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