George's sporting experience

I actually started playing sports with the firm while I was studying the law conversion course. The hockey team were down a few players, so they got in touch with the future trainees to see if we’d like to give it a go. That was the first time I got a sense of how active the firm’s groups were.

Since I joined, I’ve played some hockey occasionally, some rugby, and some casual football tournaments. I even played in the London Beach Rugby tournament outside our office last year. That was a competition for corporate teams in what was basically a giant sandpit in Potters Fields, directly behind our office.

But recently, the biggest thing for me has been touch rugby. Lots of us thought it would be good to have a team, so myself and a couple of other trainees and associates got together to kick things off. Now I play regularly and I also co-captain the squad.

We’re a mixed team and a very inclusive one: we always have teammates of different genders in every match. The firm actively encourages that in the way they fund sports groups, so that they can make sure there are opportunities for everyone.

We’re also mixed when it comes to the colleagues who get involved. Our regular players include partners, associates, trainees, and business development staff. The firm is big enough that I think it’s fair to say I never would have met a lot of them if I hadn’t been doing this.

Building those links influences your training contract too, as I’ve found out directly. When I moved into real estate for my second seat, it turned out that I’d already played football with one of the associates there – and they’d signed me up in advance for a match against a client. We got thrashed, by the way, but it was an interesting way to network.

What’s nice though is that our activities aren’t just about sport. If you asked some of my cohort, they wouldn’t go anywhere near football or rugby, but they’d be able to tell you all about the music groups we have here. You’ll find people who share your hobbies, you’ll try new things, and you might even start a new group together the way we did. It’s all totally up to you.

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