Life inside our firm

Our working culture

Our vision: to be a world class business, profitable, ambitious, cooperative and considerate, supporting our clients and people through our principles of quality, unity and integrity.

We pride ourselves on our culture and work hard to maintain it. We are widely recognised as an inclusive, friendly, collaborative and supportive workplace with a genuine sense of community. We are confident that you will recognise these qualities from your very first encounter with us.

You’ll contribute to our culture in the work you do every day, but you’ll also have plenty of opportunity to get involved outside the office, through our networks, social groups and corporate responsibility initiatives.

Direct contact with partners and associates

You will share an office with a partner or associate. Besides directly interacting with them, you can also observe how they work and learn from them.

A collegiate environment

Everyone is happy to share their experience and their ideas. Our partners or associates will take time and explain deals and technical issues.

Diversity and inclusion

Everyone here values the differences of each individual and encourage workforce diversity in all aspects and at all levels. You can realise your full potential and career ambitions on the basis of merit and skill.


Spark is an initiative in our Asia offices to engage all of our people. It aims to provide help and support to our people in their busy and sometimes stressful lives, and to find new ways of engaging our people with the firm. It recognises our responsibility in areas such as corporate social responsibility and diversity and inclusion. It is also about having a bit of fun.