You’re keen to take the first step with us, but do you have the qualities we’re looking for?

Below, you’ll find out the traits that make a successful candidate, and exactly what we mean by some of the terms we use. 

Commercial awareness

Most law firms – and indeed most global businesses – look for commercial awareness, but if you don’t know what it means, don’t panic. When we say commercial awareness, we’re looking firstly for people with an interest in the world around them – particularly when it comes to international business. How will today’s headlines affect companies around the world? That’s what we’ll teach you to interpret.

At the same time though, commercial awareness means we’re also looking for people with experience of supporting a business. Before you run for the hills though, take a deep breath and think about your experience. Have you been involved in a university society’s committee? Or have you worked part-time, maybe in customer service or in a summer office job? It’s all relevant, and we want to hear about it.

Global outlook

Again, you might hear a lot about this from law firms and other businesses, but what does it really mean? First, it means an interest in global affairs. Second, it’s flexibility about where you work and live, and about your daily routine. You’ll almost certainly spend time abroad as part of your career with us – whether it’s a drop-of-the-hat trip or a six-month secondment – and you should be sure you’re ready for that kind of commitment. At the same time, you should be the kind of person who’d be happy liaising by phone and by email every day with colleagues and clients right across the world.

Open mindedness

The nature of our seats and practice areas mean you’ll get involved in a lot of different work here. You need to be prepared for that; ready to open your mind and to discover any number of directions for your career. It’s alright if you’ve got an interest in a particular field or secondment destination, but you shouldn’t be so wedded to it that you can’t consider anything else.


A successful career here isn’t solely about working hard on what you’re given. It’s about taking initiative to ask questions, seek new opportunities, meet new people within the firm. You’re not the kind of person to just put your head down and hide at your desk: you want to know more about the wider firm’s work, and how you can be part of it.

Strength beyond academia

An impressive academic record is valuable, but the best lawyers are more than just smart on paper. You need to be able to take the facts and the principles you’ve learned and apply them to real life to help our clients. That takes creative spark, agility and initiative – not to mention strong interpersonal skills as you get to know our clients and what they need.

Long-term motivation

There are so many milestones you’ll hit with us – but only if you’re committed for the long haul. You might not know exactly what field you want to go into yet, but you’ve got a long-term focus on a career in law. You want to establish lasting client relationships and build a network here amongst our colleagues. In short, you’re looking forward to where your career might take you with us.