International opportunities

After completing their first year, Graduates get the opportunity to apply for a six month secondment in one of our overseas offices. This is a great opportunity to broaden your experience and learn about different working cultures.

Patrick Williams

Life in London 

  • Although I had previously visited as a tourist, nothing could have prepared me for the experience of living and working in London, and having the opportunity to do both in the heart of the city is an unforgettable experience.
  • There is a side to the city that you’re able to experience by living in London for 6 months that you don’t quite get as a sightseer – though truth be told, the desire to stop in the middle of a busy thoroughfare and take out your camera for a spectacular photo opportunity (of which there are many) never quite leaves you.
  • From vibrant arts and culture, to phenomenal food, to amazing history and tradition, London has something for everyone, and even after 6 months, I could still list hundreds of things I just didn’t have time to see or do.
  • Some of my personal favourite experiences during my time in London included walking to and from work each day over Tower Bridge, going deer spotting in Richmond Park, attending numerous soccer matches, going on a beautiful summer’s day picnic in Greenwich, and going jogging along the Thames at night.

Office life

  • The office itself is located in the award winning More London, situated directly on the Thames. Staff offices surround a 9 storey glass atrium, while the centrepiece level 9 terrace provides stunning views of London icons such as Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.
  • Each London trainee cohort (the London equivalent of a graduate) consists of between 20-25 people, taken in every 6 months. You will complete your office initiation with a new group of trainees, which provides a great opportunity to meet a new set of people also starting off in the London office, and some potential lunch buddies to eat with in dedicated NRF staff dining facilities (which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Due to the size of the office, there is a very well established social and sporting scene, with various sports clubs available to join in both Summer and Winter as well as a choir. Coming from Australia, you will be at severe risk of being drafted into the NRF cricket team, which, if my selection is anything to go by, places far more emphasis on enthusiasm and a willingness to participate than it does on talent.However, if cricket is not your scene, there’s a number of other options to choose from, including hockey, tennis, soccer, rugby and polo (no, ‘water’ was not accidentally omitted before that last one).

Travel around Europe

  • If you ever get bored of the numerous events and activities available to you in London (which you won’t), you’ll be blown away by the number of travelling opportunities available to you with Europe right on your doorstep.
  • Weekend trips to other countries are a given in London, and due the convenient location of the London office, most international airports can be easily reached by train on a Friday night.
  • My travel highlights included exploring the Bernese Alps in Switzerland, going on a road trip around Iceland, climbing the Besseggen Ridge in Norway, and stopping off for a quick photo in Perth, Scotland on the way back from a drive through the Scottish Highlands (in my opinion, it’s without a doubt the second most beautiful Perth in the world).
  • Overall, the work you will experience, the office you will work in, and the people you will meet in London are all much the same as the city itself: world-class. The opportunity should not be missed.