Your training contract

This is the most important part of your journey with us. It is also a journey in itself. Over two years on our training contract, you will develop a huge range of knowledge and skills, gain exposure to different sectors and work environments, and ultimately build up the experience you need to become a qualified lawyer.

You probably have lots of questions about the training contract and what it means to qualify with us. Below, we’ve explained how your training will progress and what’s involved, to help you get to grips with life as a trainee.


Your training contract journey

You will be on the training contract for two years, during which time you’ll complete four six-month seats. To prepare you for the challenges ahead, we’ll start you off with a two and a half week induction in our London office.

  • Induction:
    • two and a half weeks
    • professional skills training
    • seat planning sessions.
  • First seat:
    • six months in a core practice area
    • mid-seat catch up
    • end-of-seat appraisal.
  • Second seat:
    • six months in London office or on secondment
    • end-of-seat appraisal.
  • Third seat:
    • six months in London office or on secondment
    • end-of-seat appraisal.
  • Fourth seat:
    • six months in London office or on secondment
    • end-of-seat appraisal.
  • Qualification

Your induction

After your LPC, your induction is where your training contract begins in earnest. Here, we’ll make sure you have the skills and knowledge to make the most of each seat. Your induction will cover everything from how to use our library to the nature of pro bono work and will include elements of the professional skills course. As part of the process, you’ll have a handover with the trainee you’ll be taking over from when you start your first seat.

Your seats

After your induction, your first seat begins. Over the course of your two-year contract, you’ll take on four seats, each lasting six months.

Our seat rotation means you’ll get a broad understanding of our work, clients and global reach. Everybody does one seat in banking, one in corporate and one in disputes, because these three areas form the heart of our firm. Where the other seat is located will depend on your interests and ambitions, as well as what’s needed within the firm at the time, but is typically a client or secondment in one of our international offices.

For each seat, you will be able to submit a number of preferences about the areas you’re interested in. We do encourage you to gain as wide a range of experience as possible. However, if you discover early on that a particular industry sector interests you, we will do what we can to tailor your seats accordingly.

Your secondment

At least one of your seats will be a secondment either to a client or to one of our international offices. This is a great opportunity to broaden your experience and learn about different working cultures. Your secondment can take place from your second seat onwards. To find out more about secondments and how you’ll decide which is right for you, see our next section, onyour secondment..

Pro bono work

Throughout your training contract, pro bono work will be integral to your development. You’ll get involved throughout your four seats, visiting local legal centres to advise members of the public. It’s rewarding work that allows you to experience a wide range of legal issues.

Your support

Your training contract will be an ongoing learning experience. From your first seat to your last, you will benefit from the following:


We will provide you with a partner mentor, who can offer guidance and advice, and help you decide on your future career direction. Through your partner mentor, you will be able to tap directly into the knowledge and experience we have here at Norton Rose Fulbright.

Buddy system

You will be assigned a recent trainee as an informal "buddy". They will be there to help you find your feet and to offer advice and support throughout the two years.

Sitting with a partner or senior associate

Sharing an office with a partner or senior associate will allow you to gain exposure to every aspect of their work.

Practice area training

We want you to be able to hit the ground running in all four of your seats. So our knowledge lawyers and global learning & development team will work with you before each new seat to make sure you have the specific skills and knowledge you need.

Your colleagues

We have a collegiate environment here. Everyone is happy to share their knowledge with trainees – and partners will always take the time to sit down with you and explain a deal or technical issue.

No matter which office you are in, everyone is happy to sit down and talk to you about their experiences to help you make your own choice. Find out more in our next section, your secondment.



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