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Training to be a lawyer at a top commercial legal practice involves just that – training. The LPC and the training contract itself will expose you to commercial topics and teach you how to be an excellent lawyer. At interview, remember that we are looking for your potential to develop into an excellent lawyer and also evidence of a genuine interest in business. We don’t expect you to know everything already but below are some key points to help you get ready.

  • Prepare thoroughly. Show you are well informed about us by displaying your knowledge of our global reach, our strategy and our work.
  • Demonstrate your grasp of topical commercial issues and developments, so read the business and legal press.
  • We want to get to know you. So be prepared to do about 80% of the talking – but don’t waffle. Keep what you tell us pertinent and succinct.
  • Draw parallels between your knowledge and experience and what you believe your role, as a trainee solicitor will involve. Give concrete examples.
  • Think about the information you want to convey during the interview and find a way to make sure we know all that we need to.
  • Look and act the part. The majority of communication is non-verbal. Projecting confidence inspires confidence. And, remember, first impressions last, so be sure to start with a firm handshake and maintain eye contact with your interviewer.
  • Don’t rush to give an answer if you think the question requires more thought. Ask for the time to consider if you need to.
  • Show interest. Ask questions. We like enquiring minds. But take care not to ask things that are readily available in the public domain and should have been covered in your research.

We are trialling an application blind assessment approach for this recruitment season which allows equal opportunities for all candidates, alleviates competitive pressure on the day and encourages candidates to be themselves. The interviewer will therefore receive a copy of your application that will include your answers to the questions on our application form but your academic and reference details will be removed, all reference to the name of your University and school will also be removed. Your interviewer will be aware that you have achieved our academic criteria and will be told whether your university course is law or non law.



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